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My name is Alan Wetherall and I have created a partnership of a tennis enthusiast with an engineering background with the help from a British jewellery craftsman it has resulted in my very first full range of bespoke tennis jewellery.

Many years years ago as a lowly apprentice  I designed and made jewellery but mainly just to impress my girlfriends with rings and pendants.

i was trained as an engineer and then for many years worked as a production director controlling companies in the footwear and textile trades. A move into CAD CAM resulted into a move into computer design and then selling computer systems.  On my retirement i have gone back to my jewellery roots and created a range of hand made tennis jewellery


My intention is to expand the range showing the movement of tennis being reflected in the jewellery and to offer a bespoke personalised approach to the tennis range.


Because each piece is hand made you could for example have a birth stone (see our birth stone page here) in place of the diamond and we could design and manufacture it. Or if you wanted the birth stone (of your partner) in place of a diamond stone this could be manufactured.

I developed my love of  tennis from a very early age and eventually I became a fully qualified tennis coach. This was alongside designing and developing machinery to undertake the maintenance of tennis courts, (removing moss, re-painting the surface, repairing nets post and fences) and my company (TCM has so far renovated over 5,000 tennis courts since the year 2,000.

The company is now  known as TCM


And is run by his son Craig Wetherall.

Mobile 07702342533

As a mad keen tennis player (Still playing for the county over 65 team) I have  has tried to incorporate my  love for tennis and its movement into the jewellery range. You can see a video of me with my tennis court maintenance company below or on my you tube channel Tennis Jewellery

 Many thanks  Alan Wetherall.

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Guild of Jewellery


Who we are

Alan (On the right) and his son Craig are partners in TCM (Tennis court Maintenance) and Tennis Jewellery

Craig now runs the tennis court renovation business whilst Dad enjoys his retirement making Tennis Jewellery

(Something he used to do many years ago)